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Transform your life by straightening your teeth through dental braces and aligners! With these Orthodontic treatment solutions, you can see an improvement in your appearance and self-esteem. Let your personality shine with an incredible new smile!

Braces and aligners are teeth straightening solutions to give you your best smile! Because let’s face it, crooked teeth or gapped teeth can be quite a problem. Not only does it affect your appearance but it has drastic consequences on the oral health. Achieve the smile you have always wanted with braces and aligners at Dazzle Dental Clinic!

Invisible braces

What are Braces and Aligners?

If your teeth are not properly aligned, our top dentists recommend braces or clear aligners. These are great options with their own pros and cons but they both work to give you your dream smile. At Dazzle Dental Clinic, it is important that we understand your lifestyle so we can give you the best treatment solution!

As a quick guide to help you understand which is best for you, here is everything you need to know about braces and aligners:


Most common and traditional teeth straightening treatment
Non-removable, worn 24/7
Uses high-grade metal brackets and archwires
Unique smile with colored elastic rubber bands
Corrects the most difficult alignments and bite issues
Pulls the teeth to the desired position using strong forces supported by the metals
Finish treatment with braces in 16 to 18 months!
Discomfort usually immediately after adjustment of your wires
Adjust the wires every 2 weeks
Diet restrictions, avoid hard food
Want a discreet option? Consider ceramic braces for tooth-colored brackets

Clear Aligners

What can Braces and Aligners treat?

Evaluation of your case must be done first by our leading dentists in Orthodontics to help determine the most effective teeth straightening procedure for you. With the help of braces and aligners, some problems we can fix are:

Invisalign braces

Smile Brighter with Straighter Teeth!

There is no age limit to beautiful teeth! And whether you choose metal braces, ceramic braces, or the modern Invisalign system, our goal is to make you smile brighter and more confidently than ever before. Dazzle Dental Clinic is equipped with world class technology to help you with that. We even have the technology that helps you preview your smile once the treatment is done!

As a fully digitized dental clinic in Mumbai, we utilize cutting-edge Orthodontic technology including intra-oral digital scanners, CBCT scanning, and 3D printers for accurate diagnosis and precise treatment planning. These highly-defined images give our dentists detailed information to ensure the ideal treatment, giving you a stable, functional, and aesthetic smile!

Giving Your Child a Beautiful Smile

Does your child have problems with their teeth? We want to monitor your child’s dental development so they can have a smile that they love when they grow older. And we can do that by providing options for Orthodontic appliances depending on what your child needs.

As early as possible, we want to correct bad dental habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and nail biting. These have consequences to your child’s teeth and can affect the teeth position. With the help of Orthodontic appliances, see the improvements in function and cosmetic appearance! Appliances can correct mild problems such as bad oral habits to more difficult cases such as skeletal growth problems.


Love Your Smile, Call Today!

Choosing orthodontic care is choosing to transform your life with a smile you love. And we are excited to be part of your journey! Choose Dazzle Dental Clinic today and see the exceptional care and treatment we offer that helps us change our patients’ lives forever.

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