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Dental anxiety should not interfere with you getting the dental treatment you deserve. As a solution, our friendly dentists, warm environment, and up-to-date techniques to address your fears can help put you at ease.

Dental anxiety can be a crippling circumstance. Not only does it prevent you from getting your oral needs in check, but it also contributes to eventual oral and systemic health consequences. Such as, if a dental decay or infection is left untreated because of your fear, then it is likely that it will progress to worse conditions. This is where the importance of dental visits comes in. With your dentist able to monitor your oral health status, they can provide immediate treatment when needed.

Do not let dental anxiety stop you from good oral health! Our highly-skilled and friendly dentists at Dazzle Dental Clinic will make sure that you feel safe and relaxed during the entire procedure. And this is by knowing and investing in Painless Dentistry techniques.

Solutions for Dental Anxiety

Dazzle Dental Clinic offers some of the safest forms of “Sleep Dentistry”. And to cater to all our patients, these are proven safe for children and adults for an Anxiety-free Dentistry experience.

Laughing Gas

Also known as nitrous oxide, this is an easy inhalation sedation method. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and comfortably breathe the happy gas through a small tube. It has a pleasantly sweet odor which patients love! The best part? Its effects set in quickly and once you are done, the effects immediately wear off!

Conscious Sedation

Need to undergo multiple dental treatments? Conscious sedation can help keep you relaxed and asleep for a longer time. This is usually through IV with a sedative drug. Not to worry because we have the best dentists in Mumbai to keep you safe by adjusting the level of sedation as you need. And once done, we can simply lower the dose to help gradually bring you to a normal state.

Painless Local Anesthesia

We are also equipped with the modern technology of Computer Controlled Local Anesthesia Delivery machine (CCLAD). This is a great device for those who fear dental injections! Compared to traditional injection, this delivers local anesthesia in a slow, controlled manner for reduced pain and improved patient comfort.

Dental anxiety

Why Painless Dentistry?

Our techniques for worry-free Dentistry can be used for many reasons. Whether it be for a patient with dental anxiety or for an apprehensive child who cannot sit still during dental procedures, we got you covered! Some of the ways Painless Dentistry can benefit you and your dentist are:

Helps patients with dental anxiety overcome their fear
Provides a safe way to not feel pain
Helps your dentist work efficiently and effectively
Shortens treatment time
Creates a safe working environment for your dentist
Prevents progress of current dental problems
Allows most dental procedures to be done in one sitting
Helps calm uncooperative children

Dental Treatments Needing Painless Dentistry Solutions

We understand all our patients’ plight. Dental anxiety can be a product of a previous bad experience with a dentist, low pain tolerance, or fear of injections. Some of the common treatments and situations that we use our anxiety-free Dentistry techniques are:

Wisdom tooth removal
Tooth extraction
Root canal treatment
Teeth and gum infections
Jaw pain
Periodontal Treatment
Patients with overly sensitive teeth
Low pain threshold
Gag reflex control
Multiple dental procedures to be completed in 1 sitting

Talk to your Dentist!

Whatever your situation is, it is always best to talk to your dentist. They will always listen to your concerns so they can give you a great Dentistry experience. All this while making sure your oral health is well taken care of.

If needed, your dentist will prescribe some oral pills prior to the dental procedure to help make you drowsy but still awake. But again, it is VERY important that you talk to your dentist first! They know what’s best for you.


You Are Our Priority!

You are in the safest hands with the skilled Mumbai dentists at Dazzle Dental Clinic. Experience the beauty of Dentistry and never worry about Dental Anxiety! Book your appointment with us today and see the difference our dentists can give.

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