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Exceptional Quality means unwavering commitment !

We are the only dental clinic to offer a lifetime warranty. We don't just believe in the excellence of our work; we want to empower you with that same assurance If something breaks, we’ll fix it at no cost to you.

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If it breaks, we fix it. No cost to you.


How does it work?


  • Our Warranty applies to all restorative dental treatments
  • Visit Dazzle Dental every 6 months for routine cleanings & exams
  • If something breaks, contact us. We’ll fix it.
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What Does Our Lifetime Warranty Cover?

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Replace or repair — no cost to you
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Root Canal
Replace with dental implant at no cost to you.
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Implants and Crowns
Replace or repair — no cost to you
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Replace or repair — no cost to you

Age Requirement: Patients must be 18 years or older.
Resolution of Existing Issues: Patients should not have unresolved dental treatments from other clinics. 

Warranty Inclusions:
Restorative Treatments Covered: The warranty applies to specific restorative dental treatments as defined by the clinic.
Repair and Replacement: We cover the cost of repair or replacement of the restorative work as necessary.

Neglect and Poor Oral Hygiene: Damages due to neglect or poor oral hygiene are not covered.
Regular Check-Up Compliance: Failure to visit for routine cleanings and exams every six months will void the warranty.
Trauma or Injury: Damages from external trauma or injuries are excluded.
Secondary Conditions: Issues not directly related to the restorative treatment are excluded.
Elective Alterations: Post-restoration elective alterations or enhancements are not covered.
Treatments by Other Dentists: Subsequent treatments done outside Dazzle Dental are not covered.Treatments undertaken by other dentists that adversely impact our prior work will result in the nullification of the warranty.
Substance Abuse: Damages resulting from substance abuse are excluded.

Additional Terms:
Non-Transferable: The warranty is non-transferable and only valid for the original recipient.
Duration Clarification: The term "lifetime" refers to the lifetime of the patient or the dental work, whichever is shorter.
Validity Condition: This warranty remains valid as long as the clinic is operational.
Documentation Requirement: Patients must maintain and provide documentation of all visits and treatments.
Modification Rights: Dazzle Dental reserves the right to modify the terms of the warranty with proper notice.
Dispute Resolution: Any disputes will be resolved through mediation or arbitration.
Governing Law: The warranty is governed by the jurisdiction's prevailing laws in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Acknowledgment of Understanding: Patients must acknowledge understanding and agreement of these terms.