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Avoid the spread of tooth infection and preserve the beauty of your tooth by getting your Root Canal Treatment done with us!

We have a team of experts who will ensure the procedure is thorough and effective while you are kept as relaxed as possible.

What exactly is root canal treatment? Root Canal Treatment removes extensive dental decay and treats infection to save your tooth. Think of it as a treatment between dental fillings and tooth removal. If there is more decay than what a filling can treat but the tooth is still salvageable, we do root canal treatment. At Dazzle Dental Clinic, we have Root Canal Specialists who will do their best to preserve your natural tooth.

When is a Root Canal Needed?​

If you are feeling a nagging pain that does not go away even when you are doing nothing, this may indicate an infection. And it may be time to get checked for root canal. Some symptoms include:

Facial swelling on the area of the infected tooth
Dental abscesses
Difficulty in opening the mouth, eating
Discharge on the gum area
Throbbing or pulsating toothache
Great sensitivity to hot and cold
Extreme pain when brushing
Extreme pain on a previous root canal treatment – Root Canal Retreatment

As soon as you experience any of the symptoms above, immediately go to your dentist! Untreated infections can lead to serious medical issues. And we do not want that to happen to you!

The Root Canal Procedure

root canal

Here’s what you can expect on a day of root canal treatment.

Evaluating the health of your root canal will determine the treatment plan. We will also discuss with you how the procedure will go. Your dentist will also give an estimate for your root canal treatment cost.
Anesthetizing the tooth with local anesthesia to make the RCT as relatively painless as possible.
Locating the canal for treatment using apex locators and microscopes.
Irrigating is done to disinfect the tooth and remove the bacteria.
Medicating the canal to completely eliminate the infection. If there is severe dental infection present, your dentist may need to place the medicament and then allow for a few days to let it completely subside.
Sealing the tooth to protect against further infection
Reinforcing the tooth and allowing for normal functions through restoration with a dental filling or tooth crown.

Some root canal treatments can be completed in a day, especially for minor dental infections. Meanwhile, others need 2 or more appointments. Your dentist will discuss this with you prior to the treatment.

World Class RCT Treatment in Mumbai​

Dazzle Dental Clinic is home to the latest technology in Endodontics and the best dentists in Mumbai to ensure your comfort. Through these, you can expect your treatment to go flawlessly and with minimal risks!

We use top-of-the-line diagnostic protocols to evaluate the status of your root canal with optimal precision and efficiency. In return, we can create a plan of action that will work best for you. Some of these include:

Electric Pulp Testers
High-Resolution CBCT imaging
High-definition microscopes
DC Imaging Systems
Laser Assisted Root Canal Disinfection

We only want what’s best for you! Root Canals are extremely small, and for that, we need tools to magnify our visualization. This way, we can do your treatment with pinpoint accuracy, reducing appointment time and effectively saving your tooth. For that, we use:

Digital Apex Locator
Cordless Endodontic Motors
3D Obturation Systems
Dental Microscopes
Lasers and Dynamic Apex Determination
root canal treatment

Modern, Painless Root Canal Treatment

Feeling anxious about your treatment? While we do our best to preserve your tooth, you can simply sit back and relax through our “Sleep” Dentistry methods. With this, we can relieve anxiety and fear and ensure a safe working environment for you and your dentist.

If needed, our RCT specialists will recommend our in-house nitrous oxide or conscious sedation to help you relax during treatment. So talk to them and let them know of your worries because they will always put you and your comfort first.


Save Your Tooth Today!

If you are experiencing tooth pain or extreme sensitivity and don’t know why, call us today at Dazzle Dental Clinic and we will shed light on the situation! With early detection by our RCT specialists, you can be free of discomfort and we can save your tooth!

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