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Why Choose Dazzle?

At Dazzle, you can only expect the best because we believe you deserve the best.

Dazzle is a top rated dental clinic in Mumbai with highly advanced and sophisticated treatment systems to render the most effective and up-to-date care for our patients. We are a multi-awarded dental clinic in Mumbai for the quality of care, safety, and environmental excellence. We make sure to have superior standards of sterilization to keep you and the community safe.

We are home to among the best dentists in Mumbai for several facets of Dentistry. They completed their education and finished their specializations in prestigious dental universities in and out of the country. They are also proud affiliates of international dental organizations.

With the best cosmetic dentists in Mumbai, we make the best smile makeovers to create award-winning smiles. Patients achieve their dream smile with Dazzle dentists. As genuine dental care providers, our dental team and staff are listeners. They will understand your goals and recognize your worries to be able to provide the Dentistry that you deserve. We have witnessed thousands of smiles in our clinic and treated several patients from all walks of life, each one leaving our clinic with more confidence than ever.

Dazzle is a recognized celebrity dentist in Mumbai where we cater to high profile individuals and work with them to take their beautiful smile up a notch. We are equipped with Painless Dentistry solutions that can help patients relax and calm apprehensive children for a more safe and efficient dental treatment.

Our dental tourism packages allows our international patients to enjoy all our dental procedures for a fraction of a cost compared to several other countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, UAE, and New Zealand. Dental tourism at Dazzle is made easy and affordable. We are conveniently located 15-minutes from the international airport and several 5-star hotels. Accommodations and transfers can be arranged by our hospitality managers so you can get your treatment and enjoy sightseeing after.

We believe Dentistry should be accessible so we made sure to offer the most affordable and competitive dental procedures with absolutely no compromise, only doing the best for all our patients. Our flexible payment plans are available for patients who need them. We also accept all major credit cards and bank transfers if it suits you.

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Memberships, Certificates and Recognition

In the commitment to providing the best to our patients, Dazzle Dental Clinic continuously strives to maintain and deliver above and beyond your expectations. As the best dental hospital in Mumbai, Dazzle offers high-quality standard of care, optimal patient safety, and environmental excellence.

What Sets Dazzle Apart?

There are many reasons why Dazzle should be the clinic of choice for your dental health and smile makeover requirements.

Purpose and Passion

Excellence in Dentistry

Patient First Approach

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