Dr. Jaineel Parekh

M.D.S, Orthodontics

My lifelong dream is Dentistry at its finest for you and your family and I take absolute pride in harnessing my craft to do just that.


Dr. Jaineel Parekh

Dr. Jaineel Parekh is unequivocally one of India's finest Orthodontists, fueled by an unwavering ambition and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. He has sought training from some of the most renowned experts in Orthodontics, constantly refining his skills and expanding his experience.

Dr. Parekh's contributions to the field of Orthodontics are substantial, with multiple published works in esteemed local and international journals. Notable publications include "The Study of Craniofacial Morphology and Skeletal Maturation in Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus or Juvenile Diabetes" in the Journal of International Oral Health (Feb 2011, Vol III, Issue 1), "The Effect of Office Bleaching Agent on the Shear Bond Strength of Metallic Brackets Bonded Using Self-etching Primer System at Different Time Intervals" in the International Journal of Clinical Dental (Feb 2011, Vol III, Issue 1), "Welding Characteristics of Variable Cross Section Beta-Titanium Wires" in the Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society (2011), and "Comparative Study of Congenitally Missing Third Molar Tooth Germs & Sagittal Maxillomandibular Jaw Dimensions in Orthodontic Patients" in the Journal of International Oral Health (Oct 2010, Vol II, Issue 3).

Additionally, Dr. Parekh has shared his knowledge through scientific presentations at prestigious forums such as the Indian Orthodontic Society, where he discussed "Latest Placement Methods for Micro-implants" at Bapuji Dental College in 2008 and the "Versatility of Rectangular Loop in 3-Dimensional Control of Single Tooth Discrepancies" at Saveetha Dental College in 2009.

At Dazzle Dental Clinic, Dr. Parekh is the visionary behind Orthodontic treatment plans, crafting beautiful and functional smiles for his patients using his expertise in various aligner systems. This profound impact on their lives has led to countless smiles transformed for the better and several patients' oral health reaching its optimal state.