Dr. Prashant Shirke

M.D.S (Oral Medicine and Radiology) GDC

Precision is the key to making accurate treatments for my patients and I pride in being their link to optimum oral health with absolutely no compromise.


Dr. Prashant Shirke

Dr. Prashant Shirke holds an esteemed reputation as one of India's most distinguished oral radiologists. With advanced studies and training in premier universities for oral medicine and imaging, he possesses the expertise to make precise evaluations leading to optimal solutions. Additionally, Dr. Shirke takes pride in being the founder of India's first exclusive CBCT Centre and PDS Imaging, a diagnostic clinic dedicated to offering premier radiographic solutions across the country.

At Dazzle Dental Clinic, Dr. Shirke plays an integral role in the think tank, utilizing his exceptional radiology skills and precise diagnostic abilities to develop suitable treatment plans for his patients. He conducts thorough evaluations of radiographic findings and engages in detailed discussions with his patients to chart the best course of action, ensuring desired and favorable outcomes.

Dr. Prashant is instrumental in the digital planning process for every guided implant surgery, guaranteeing flawless execution and successful treatment with minimal to no complications. Moreover, he provides definitive strategies for achieving the finest smile makeovers in Mumbai at Dazzle Dental Clinic. His contributions add immense value to the clinic's commitment to delivering exceptional dental care.