Dr. Rajesh Shetty

M.D.S, Periodontist and Implantologist

I enjoy actively listening to my patients, understanding unique personalities and needs, and working together to shape the smile they dream of, building a deep and lasting connection with every individual.


Dr. Rajesh Shetty

A luminary in the realm of Indian dentistry, Professor Dr. Rajesh Shetty shines as a beacon of expertise in Implants. Periodontics. As a Gold Medalist alumnus, his exceptional prowess in Cosmetic Dentistry is underpinned by cutting-edge technology and a heart that genuinely cares.

Dr. Shetty's skill set is not just respected—it's revered. Recognized as one of Mumbai's best celebrity dentist, his mastery in Smile Makeovers, Implantology, and Periodontology has made him a sought-after name in dental circles. With a stalwart commitment to evidence-backed practices, he ensures that patients don't just get treatments—they get results.

Beyond his technical knowledge, Dr. Shetty stands out as Mumbai's leading cosmetic dentist, celebrated for his uncanny ability to tailor smiles to personalities. Recognizing the uniqueness in every face, he meticulously designs smiles that are as individual as fingerprints, gifting his patrons with a refreshed sense of self-assurance.

Dr. Shetty's influence extends beyond the clinic and into the classrooms. As a professor and head of a premier dental institution, he has moulded the careers of countless aspiring dentists, planting seeds for the next wave of dental excellence.

Never one to rest on laurels, Dr. Shetty is perpetually in pursuit of knowledge. By ensuring he's abreast with the latest in dental breakthroughs, he guarantees his patients are always receiving state-of-the-art care.

Entrust your smile to a dental visionary. Experience the unmatched expertise and warm care of Dr. Rajesh Shetty.