Dr. Fahad Naaz

B.D.S – Implantologist

Using my skills to bring smiles is a lifelong dream and I am happy that I am able to provide that to my patients.


Dr. Fahad Naaz

Regarded as one of the finest Implantologists, Dr. Naaz possesses comprehensive training and proficiency in the latest and most advanced Dental Implant systems and techniques. He consistently incorporates the cutting-edge practices in Implantology when treating his patients, utilizing highly sophisticated systems like Nobel BioCare and Bio Horizon Implants. His mastery of these innovations has earned him a place among Mumbai's elite and top-rated dentists.

Patients deeply appreciate Dr. Naaz's expertise and his ability to perform dental implant treatments with utmost comfort and confidence. He takes immense pride in restoring his patients' self-assurance despite missing teeth, providing them with a brand new smile through dental implant procedures. Dr. Naaz's exceptional skills have granted numerous patients a new lease on life, enabling them to fully embrace and savor all that life has to offer without any limitations.