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Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure for adults. This is done because usually the tooth emerges out of alignment. Do not let your wisdom tooth and the problems it brings affect your life!

The wisdom teeth are located in the farthest back of each row of teeth, on the top and bottom, and both sides of the mouth. Oftentimes, these teeth do not have enough room in your mouth for it to properly come out in alignment. To prevent the consequences that come with the wisdom teeth, it is best to get yourself assessed for a wisdom teeth extraction.

Common Wisdom Teeth Problems

You may have heard of others experiencing severe pain related to their wisdom teeth. This is one of the many problems that most patients experience. If you have pain on your mouth or extreme strain on your jaw, it could be because of an impacted wisdom tooth. Some symptoms you may also feel are:

Pain on the farthest back are of the mouth
Gum inflammation
Damage to other teeth
Crowding of an entire row of teeth
Bleeding when brushing the back teeth
Jaw pain that radiates to the ear and head
Difficulty in opening the mouth
Soreness when biting

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then our Mumbai dentist may recommend wisdom teeth removal. Untreated wisdom tooth related problems are:

Tooth crowding and eventual gum disease
Complete tooth damage needing extraction of other teeth
Dental infections
Jaw joint problems

How is Wisdom Teeth Removal Done?

Our dentists will first conduct a dental exam using digital X-rays to determine the position of the tooth and identify the safest and most effective plan to have it removed. This would also determine the wisdom tooth removal cost which your dentist will roughly explain before the procedure.

Anesthetics will first be applied, then extraction is done by loosening the tooth from the socket. If needed, your dentist will remove some bone and gums to make teeth removal easier.

Now we know it sounds a bit scary, but Dazzle Dental Clinic offers solutions to help you relax! Consider talking to your dentist about Painless Wisdom Tooth Surgery. This is done with the aid of nitrous oxide or conscious sedation. We also have CCLAD or the Computer-Controlled Local Anesthetic Delivery for a more pleasant experience for you.

When under the Painless procedure for third molar removal, our dentists advise having all your wisdom teeth removed at once. This is a safer option so you do not have to undergo treatment over and over again. And you will only need to go through one process of recovery.

Wisdom teeth removal

What happens after Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

Getting your third molar removed by experienced dentists can greatly reduce the risks that come with surgery. Everything will be explained to you from the consultation up to the potential scenarios while you are in recovery.

Such that, 24 hours after your surgical third molar removal, some bleeding, swelling, and pain can be expected. Especially for difficult cases that required bone and gum removal. These are all mild and will subside within a day.

Take your dentist’s advice on the do’s and don’ts after your wisdom tooth surgery. These are important to ensure better and faster healing. Some general instructions you should follow include:

• Take your prescribed medications for pain relief and to prevent infections

• Control bleeding by biting onto a gauze to apply pressure

• Alleviate swelling by directly applying an ice pack on the swollen area

• Avoid touching the extraction site

• Practice good oral hygiene, but do not brush the open wound

• Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

• Rest!

With these strictly followed, you can expect your recovery to go smoothly and with minimal to absolutely no complications!

Safest Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mumbai

If you are experiencing severe pain on your back teeth or jaw, do not delay and call today! Our team at Dazzle Dental Clinic is ready to help you with your comfort as our priority. With a quick dental exam, find out today if wisdom teeth removal is the best option for you.

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